FDM - 3D Print Material

PLA Material

Our PLA and is made from 100% virgin PLA pellets. PLA is one of the most versatile and easy to use filaments on the market. With our tuned print settings we can print parts that are very strong, and it also have a nice shiny surface. PLA is perfect for detailed prints.

Advantages of PLA Material
  • PLA filament is a stiff but brittle 3D printing material.
  • Best used for cosmetic prints, prototypes, desk toys, low-stress applications.
  • Good dimensional accuracy.
  • Best 3D printer material for beginners due to ease of printing and minimal warp.
ABS Material

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is a material that is widely used in both industry and as filament for 3D Printers. It´s strong, light weight and very durable. The well-known Lego blocks are made from ABS and as you know that is a very high impact resistant piece of plastic and the same goes for parts printed with ABS.

Advantages of ABS Material
  • High strength.
  • Good toughness.
  • Ductile material with wear resistance and heat tolerance.
PETG Material

PETG is an extremely tough material, it has very high impact strength, good flexibility and practically no shrinkage. PETG is a filament with a high gloss. We Filaments offers two versions of PETG. Translucent and solid. With the translucent you will have a high gloss and almost completely transparent print depending on your shell count. The solid colors offers a vivid and beautiful surface with a high gloss finish.

Advantages of PETG Material
  • Made from 100% virgin PETG material.
  • PET filament is a durable and flexible 3d printing material with a glossy finish and is impact andheat resistant.
  • Best used for mechanical parts and snap fit enclosures.
PETG Carbon Material

Carbon is the latest generation of high performance material for 3D Printing. Our Carbon is based on PETG and is reinforced with 20% carbon fibers. This makes for an extremely tough filament that is perfect for printed parts that can be used in the automotive industry
drones and RC parts.

Advantages of PETG Carbon Material
  • Carbon reinforced PETG.
  • No warping and very dimensionally stable.
  • High impact and heat resistance.
  • Best 3D printer material for beginners due to ease of printing and minimal warp.